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CDL Revolutionise Executive Condo Construction

In its upcoming 638 unit executive condo project next to future Canberra MRT station, The Brownstone EC, CDL will be the first in Asia to apply prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) in large scale residential project.

CDL, developer for The Brownstone EC (executive condo) has more 80 green mark certified developments and office interiors, of which 33 attained the highest green mark platinum rating.

To minimise environmental construction, CDL uses advanced prefabricated constriction technology. Building components are made off site, then hoisted into position on site and assembled in a lego like manner, ensuring cleaner worksites and minimising wastage of resources.

Prefabrication techniques are used in the precast concrete, dry walls and prefabricated bathroom units, with CDL installing more than 10000 of these units in its residential developments.

“The use of over 5000 modular systems in this project is set to achieve a new world record in PPVC technology. This could we revolutionise the way we build for the future,: says Mr Kwek.

CDL green efforts extend to the commercial buildings it manages. It has retrofitted existing buildings with upgraded chiller plants, motion sensors, energy efficient lighting and transformed their façade, resulting in cost savings. The company estimates that $36.5million in electrical consumption is saved annually from its 57 BCA green mark award building between 2008 and 2014.

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