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The Brownstone Executive Condo Developer Sets Green Standards

CDL, developer for upcoming executive condo, The Brownstone EC, has set a goal of achieving BCA green mark gold plus standards for all its new development, above the mandatory requirements of basic certification.

All new CDL projects set aside 2 to 5 per cent of the total construction cost for green features and sustainable constructions. Such features include green walls, which act as natural heat insulation and a filter for air pollution.

CDL Tree House condo, which won this year’s construction productivity award (platinum), construction excellence award, and design and engineering safety excellence award, in addition to receiving the green mark platinum award in 2010, is home to the world largest vertical garden at height of 24 storey

Tapping sustainable every resources to reduce pollution is another way to go green. CDL residential property development, Haus @ Serangoon Garden, a green mark platinum project, is the country first landed housing development with its own solar energy system.

Moving forward, CDL will launch a large scale PPVC method in the construction of The Brownstone EC executive condominium at Canberra Link.

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