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The Brownstone Executive Condo Developer Partners Up

The Green Mark Pearl award recognises the joint commitment of developers, building owners, landlords and tenants of the same project or building working together to achieve greater environment sustainability for their building.

Since September last year, CDL, developer for executive condo, The Brownstone EC, has progressively implemented the CDL green lease partnership programme to engage the tenants in managing and reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Its team of green lease ambassadors advise tenants on hot to fit out their units environmentally friendly materials, fitting, equipment and lightings to achieve greater energy efficiency.

This programme has a been popular with CDL commercial tenants, with 80 percent joining the programme as of April this years, to pledge their commitment to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption.

CDL has also partnered with tuas power to develop an automated meter-reading portal providing half hourly updates of tenants energy consumption, which can be accessed through mobile phones, allowing tenants to closely monitor their electricity usage.

Recycling is also an important green initiative. Recycling of lamp tubes at cdl properties as successfully diverted more than 6700kg from being dumped in land fills

CDL will next introduce the PPVC technology in the Canberra Link executive condominium The Brownstone EC.

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